S1 E16. Woman and Arab Feminism - Round Two: Farida D, The List of Shit That Made Me a Feminist

S1 E16. Woman and Arab Feminism - Round Two: Farida D, The List of Shit That Made Me a Feminist

Back by popular demand! In this episode, I talk (again) with Arab gender researcher and poet Farida D. to answer listener questions, and discuss her book, The List of Shit That Made Me a Feminist.

Writing under a pen name to protect her identity, Farida D. writes about everyday oppressions from an Arab feminist's perspective while demonstrating how we are all connected under the one patriarchal system. In the process, she’s broken up with her hijab, set her high heels on fire, and been shared all over social media. 

Be sure to have a listen to our first conversation when you’re done with this one.

Some topics of discussion include:

  1. Farida’s inspiration for writing
  2. Beauty standards, and how this industry creates our “insecurities” in order to sell us “solutions”
  3. Farida’s thoughts (and mine) about the June 2022 Roe v Wade decision to restrict abortion laws in the USA
  4. Problems with the “not all men” argument
  5. The power of women’s rage
  6. Steps we can all take moving forward

And more!

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