S1 E20. Woman and Sexual Freedom: Natalie Lee, Feeling Myself

S1 E20. Woman and Sexual Freedom: Natalie Lee, Feeling Myself

In this episode, I talk with content creator, author, podcast host and public speaker Natalie Lee about her book, Feeling Myself: How I Shed My Shame To Find Sexual Freedom and You Can Too. Natalie is an honest, frank writer, who describes herself as ‘on a liberating road of disruption to challenge and help you shed your shame’.

Sex remains an enormous taboo, and is still a source of shame and embarrassment for many people. Somehow, even in the 21st century, we haven’t got it right in educating young people about healthy attitudes to sex, consent and our bodies, and this plays into the experiences of many women when it comes to sexual relationships. Exposing the stigma that many of us feel with sex, Natalie Lee takes us through her own journey from traumatic beginnings to sexual freedom. She tells the story of learning to be your true self in a society that doesn't prioritize women’s pleasure, and provides tools for every woman to feel empowered and experience their own emancipation.

Some topics of discussion include:

  1. Why sex is so important
  2. Where the shame and stigma surrounding women’s pleasure comes from
  3. Virginity, porn, orgasms and masturbation
  4. The problem with calling some sexual acts “foreplay”
  5. How Natalie shed her shame to find sexual freedom
  6. Tools for shedding our own shame, and how to raise kids to do the same

And more!

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