S1 E4. Woman and Arab Feminism: Farida D., Rants of a Rebel Arab Feminist

S1 E4. Woman and Arab Feminism: Farida D., Rants of a Rebel Arab Feminist

In this episode, I talk with Arab gender researcher and poet Farida D. about her book, Rants of a Rebel Arab Feminist

Writing under a pen name to protect her identity, Farida D. writes about everyday oppressions from an Arab feminist's perspective while demonstrating how we are all connected under the one patriarchal system.

Some topics of discussion include:

  1. What it means to be an Arab feminist
  2. What the West gets wrong and how to be better allies
  3. The spectrum of oppression that manifests differently depending on culture, but connects us under the one patriarchal system
  4. Everyday oppressions such as bras, periods, hijabs and the censorship of women in Arab media
  5. The allusion of free choice and the great myth of women being to have it all
  6. How to begin to unlearn and heal within the patriarchy

And more!

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The quotes you will hear read during the interview are taken directly from the book, Rants of a Rebel Arab Feminist.

Transcription is available here

Mentioned in the episode:


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