BONUS: The Creativity Found Podcast Featuring Anna’s Journey from Nurse to Podcaster
The Story of WomanJuly 24, 202300:30:37

BONUS: The Creativity Found Podcast Featuring Anna’s Journey from Nurse to Podcaster

This is an episode of the Creativity Found podcast, featuring host Anna Stoecklein’s interview. In it, she discusses her journey from nurse to podcaster, how she came up with the idea and created The Story of Woman, and what’s next for the podcast!

Creativity Found

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The Creative Brain is a catalyst for change.

For many years Anna Stoecklein believed that creativity was limited to traditional forms of art, such as painting or drawing. However, after watching the Netflix documentary The Creative Brain, she realized that creativity is everywhere, and that everyone is creative in their own way. This realization was a game-changer for Anna, as it allowed her to see her own creativity and potential.

Anna had a creative childhood, but that took a back seat during her teenage years and early adulthood. Anna studied nursing, and after three years of working in a clinical setting, she realized it wasn't for her. She couldn't see herself climbing the management ladder or going back to school to become a nurse practitioner.

Other career roles followed, along with a move from the US to the UK. The lessons Anna had learnt from that documentary percolated, until a few years later she was able to put them to good use as she turned the idea for The Story of Woman podcast into a fully-fledged show.

In this episode Anna and I discuss how she was able to challenge and reframe her self-perception as a "non-creative" person, as well as the amazing experiences she's had with her podcast guests, including conversations with Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair.

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