An introduction to The Story of Woman: what’s the story?
The Story of WomanFebruary 23, 202200:30:54

An introduction to The Story of Woman: what’s the story?

Wondering what The Story of Woman is all about? This episode has the answers!

In this introduction episode, I talk about:

Part 1: the story | 2:20 - 19:35
what is “the story of woman” and why it’s important
what the story of humankind looks like when half of it is missing
the social construct of gender, aka the performance of a lifetime
woman’s “special” category, eg scientists... and women scientists
personal and societal benefits of adding woman’s story into the main narrative
what’s in it for men
intersecting layers of oppression... there is no single story of woman

Part 2: the podcast | 19:35 - end
the purpose of this podcast
recurring sections in each episode
men are losers too (in gender inequality of course)
feminism gets a bad rap... because the narrative has been a bit one-sided...
your story
season one authors

And more!

Transcription of this episode is available here:

Mentioned in the episode: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Ted Talk: We Should All be Feminists

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