S3 E10. The Story of Human: Inner Work for Outer Healing with Remi Olajoyegbe
The Story of WomanMarch 11, 202401:08:46

S3 E10. The Story of Human: Inner Work for Outer Healing with Remi Olajoyegbe

Uncover the root cause of societal issues and explore a movement beyond feminism in the Season 3 finale of "The Story of Woman." Join host Anna Stoecklein (https://www.annastoecklein.com/) and Remi Olajoyegbe (https://iamremi.co.uk/), co-founder of Medicine festival (https://medicinefestival.com/), in a profound discussion on inner healing for societal transformation.

Dive into the importance of community, the longing for belonging, and the power of collective empowerment. From ancient indigenous practices to cutting-edge therapies, this episode unveils the transformative power of Medicine festival, providing a unique space for self-discovery, connection with others, and immersion in diverse healing modalities.

Join us on this insightful journey toward a broader movement that encompasses all of humanity.

Some topics we cover include:
- The power of personal inner work for collective outer healing
- The importance of finding a sense of belonging and community
- The human longing for connection and the challenges in a globalized world
- Emphasis on the interconnectedness of personal and communal well-being
- The role of spaces like Medicine festival in fostering inner healing, self-connection, and system transformation
- The significance of diversity and inclusion in creating a rich, transformative space
- The outsized role practices and wisdom shared by indigenous communities play in our collective healing and connection

Transcription is available here: https://www.thestoryofwomanpodcast.com/blog/s3-e10-the-story-of-human-inner-work-for-outer-healing-with-remi-olajoyegbe

Remi Olajoyegbe: https://iamremi.co.uk/
Medicine festival: https://medicinefestival.com/
Isumataq Retreats: https://www.isumataq.uk/

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