S3 E7. Navigating Motherhood in the Age of Surveillance with the creators of Supervision
The Story of WomanFebruary 19, 202400:50:24

S3 E7. Navigating Motherhood in the Age of Surveillance with the creators of Supervision

How does the rise of AI and surveillance intersect with motherhood? In this episode, Sophie Hamacher (https://mitpress.mit.edu/author/sophie-hamacher-39050/) and Jessica Hankey (https://mitpress.mit.edu/author/jessica-hankey-40057/), creators of the groundbreaking anthology, Supervision: On Motherhood and Surveillance, delve into the ways mothers' behaviors and bodies are observed, exposed, and policed in today's society.

The conversation broadens to encompass the unique experiences of BIPOC mothers, who find themselves in a paradoxical state of both hyper-visibility and invisibility. Sophie and Jessica underscore the importance of community motherhood, sharing examples that challenge societal norms and resist government neglect in areas such as reproductive healthcare and childcare.

Through it all, Sophie and Jessica underscore the urgency of studying surveillance in our daily lives and its implications for equality and justice.

Some topics we cover include:
- Benevolent vs. oppressive surveillance
- The impact of state surveillance on reproductive rights, particularly in the context of abortion restrictions and the overturning of Roe v. Wade
- How advertisers exploit fears and insecurities to sell products
- Historical instances of the state using claims of benevolence to justify harmful surveillance policies
- Experiences of BIPOC mothers being hyper-visible yet invisible
- Importance of community motherhood and redefining traditional models
- Hope found in collaborative efforts, dialogues, and alternative models of living

Transcription is available here: https://www.thestoryofwomanpodcast.com/blog/s3-e7-navigating-motherhood-in-the-age-of-surveillance-with-sophie-hamacher-and-jessica-hankey-creators-of-supervision

Buy Supervision: On Motherhood and Surveillance: https://uk.bookshop.org/a/9266/9780262047814

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